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Ben Caradoc-Davies-2
[This thread has changed topic and should be on the geoserver-devel list.]

On 28/07/17 10:05, Ben Caradoc-Davies wrote:

> Aaron,
> there is, as far as I know, no list of supported development platforms.
> I use Debian sid amd64 with OpenJDK 8u141, I know that others use
> Ubuntu, which is probably most popular, and I expect all Debian
> downstreams to work. I expect that Fedora, CentOS, and relatives will
> work. I think we have a couple of MacOS developers (but I will let them
> speak for themselves). The last few Windows developers stopped
> contributing bug fixes for the Windows build and have not been seen for
> a while; this is how the Windows build stopped working. Perhaps they
> switched to Ubuntu? Ubuntu is popular for cloud deployments (Amazon and
> Google Compute).
> Oracle JDK 8 and OpenJDK 8 are both supported.
> Kind regards,
> Ben.
> On 28/07/17 09:52, Aaron Edwards wrote:
>> Ha!  Windows.
>> I thought I was doing this the hard way.  For example, GeoServer for
>> windows needs a 32 bit JRE, but you need the 64 bit to set up
>> Eclipse.  And Java_Home needs to be set to the 32 bit JRE for
>> GeoServer, but the 64 bit JDK for Maven.  Also, as I mentioned, even
>> with skipping the unit tests, Eclipse still showed a bunch of errors
>> and wouldn't actually start up.
>> So this explains a lot. I'm surprised that I missed it in the
>> documentation.
>> Is there a list of supported Dev platforms?  I code on a Mac, but
>> usually in Windows within Parallels.  I also have a Debian VM available.
>> Thanks, Ben.
>> Aaron
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>> Aaron,
>> unit tests are not expected to fail on supported development platforms
>> (i.e. not Windows). We have had reports of failures on Windows but no
>> Windows developers to investigate them. What is your development
>> platform?
>> Kind regards,
>> Ben.
>> On 28/07/17 03:22, FunkMonkey33 wrote:
>>> I did also notice that the unit tests fail when building with Maven.
>>> I disabled them and it builds, but is that expected?
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