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John C. Tull-2
Hi Emmanuel,

You probably want to send this to the dev list (cc'd in this email). Good luck with your work,

On Aug 23, 2010, at 2:08 AM, Emmanuel Christophe wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm working on the OTB ( Qgis plugins: the
> objective is to provide more raster processing capabilities to Qgis.
> I run into a tricky C++ issue. In one particular case, one typeid
> resolution does not seems to work. I believe that it is linked with
> the issue mentioned here:
> dynamic_cast, throw, typeid don't work with shared libraries
> (I'm currently working with gcc and trying to make it work with shared
> libraries).
> What make me think that this is linked to this issue is that:
> - the plugin is loaded using dlopen by qgis
> - the typeid is created by some code compiled in the plugin (OTB uses
> templates extensively, so this particular piece of OTB code is
> compiled during the plugin compilation) and the resulting type_info is
> passed to another dynamic library that was compiled before (during OTB
> compilation).
> So it seems that we are in the third case mentioned by the FAQ. In
> this situation, the FAQ recommend to
> "First, export global symbols from the executable by linking it with
> the "-E" flag. You must also make the external symbols in the loaded
> library available for subsequent libraries by providing the
> RTLD_GLOBAL flag to dlopen. The symbol resolution can be immediate or
> lazy."
> The RTLD_GLOBAL flag seems to be provided
> (src/app/qgspluginmanager.cpp:256), but I'm not sure about the -E flag
> while linking. Can anybody with more experience in Qgis compilation
> confirm?
> Is there any other plugin I should look at for inspiration?
> Emmanuel
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