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Re: [Qgis-community-team] Rename Style manager to Symbol manager in 3.0?

Richard Duivenvoorde
On 03-01-18 02:15, Alexandre Neto wrote:

> While writing some tutorials, I have noticed some possible nomenclature
> confusion between Symbols (as compounds of stacked markers, lines, fills
> outlines and color ramps) and Styles (a vector layer symbols and labels
> settings).
> We currently have to places we call "Style manager":
> 1. The symbols library that we open by going to Options > Style Manager;
> 2. The Style manager tab in the Layer Styling panel.
> I think that the first one should be renamed to "Symbols manager", since
> it exclusively allows to create, edit, group, import and export symbols,
> and not styles.
> On the other hand, the Style manager in the Layer Styling panel allows
> to create, manage, load, save as default the layers' styles
> (unfortunatly it does not allow to save styles as we can do in properties).
> Any strong opinions about this?

Hi Alexandre,

I agree with you that at least the Title of the dialog which opens with
the button 'Open Library' should be named 'Symbol Manager'.

In my memory we also had a discussion about these definitions when Akbar
Gumbira did his QGIS SOC work on the Styling Repo work:

I see that the actual tab name is also 'Symbology'. Is that the word
normally used for it (myself I always call this 'Styling'...).
On the other hand, I think we should stick to naming conventions that
are used by other GIS-software packages.


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