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Tim Sutton-6

Also Jürgen and Nyall: is there anything the PSC could be funding to help you allocate the time needed to help get things to a good conclusion? PSC this is IMHO be a better use of overflow funds right now than e.g. windows CI infrastructure.



On 24 Nov 2019, at 04:13, Nyall Dawson <[hidden email]> wrote:

On Sun, 24 Nov 2019 at 02:38, Jürgen E. Fischer <[hidden email]> wrote:

So overall how the situation was handled doesn't seem that bad for a release
exercising new major dependencies.


I'd also like to extend Tim's thanks here and publicly state my
appreciation to Jürgen for an extremely difficult, thankless job which
you've done SO well, SO consistently and for SO long.

(And also +1 to whoever said that this was **always** going to be a
very tricky transition for the opensource geo world.It's a good thing,
but thanks to proj6 the entire software stack has been *forced* to
mature and adapt to modern, accurate projection handling and it's
causing/caused pain all round. At least we're mostly through the worst
now and it's now the users and geospatial analysts who are being
forced to mature and skill up as a consequence! And all those "data
scientists" who blundered around thinking spatial was just numeric x/y
coordinates have an even worse learning curve inbound...!)

Moving forward, I'm thinking/wondering:

Regarding 3.10.1: there's been some work in GDAL and PROJ which may
help resolve the issue which triggered this discussion. I'll test
tomorrow. I also think there's potential hacky workaround we could
implement if we avoid re-using existing PROJ context objects in
certain places (albeit with a performance hit as a result), which I'm
going to explore tomorrow as a band-aid so that we can unblock the

Regarding 3.4: One option we should explore is just freezing the
Windows releases at 3.4.13, and leaving 3.4.13 as the final supported
3.4 release for Windows. (For reference, 3.4.16 is the planned final
3.4.x release, so we'd "lose" 3 months of supported new releases). I'd
personally be +1 to this, given that the existing infrastructure
cannot be easily modified to allow a proj4 based build, and adding
this support is far from trivial. While it's not ideal, I think
finalizing the Windows releases at 3.4.13 is much less risk and better
for our users then risking projection handling issues. (For full
disclosure of information I've included a list of fixes as [1] which
are included in 3.4.14 at the time of writing which would NOT be
available for Windows users as a result)


QgsVectorFileWriter: fix axis order issue with GDAL 3 (fixes #33014)
Merge pull request #33003 from rldhont/backport-32800-to-release-3_4
Fix broken QMap<QVariantList,...> finding, which causes
case-insensitive comparisons to be made when resolving primary keys in
the Oracle and Postgres providers
[Server] Update WMS GetProjectSettings tests for round extent in GetCapabilities
[Server] Test WCS Access Control: update comment
[Server] Update WCS tests for round extent in GetCapabilities
[Server] Update WMS tests for round extent in GetCapabilities
[Server] Update WFS tests for round extent in GetCapabilities
[Server] Update WMTS tests for round extent in GetCapabilities
[Server] tests: Add masks
[Bugfix][Server] Use floor and ceil for round extent coordinates in
services capabilities
[Bugfix][Server] Correctly round extent coordinates in services capabilities
Wrong label in UI for "Create point for each part" on "Centroids"
processing algorithm #32940 - Backport to 3.4
debian packaging: python-gdal still needed for gdal python scripts
Merge pull request #32749 from qgis/backport-32743-to-release-3_4
database style manager: translatable & title case
custom widgets: fix designer crash (fixes #32860)
debian packaging: drop python-gdal dependency (closes #32835) [ci skip]
qgsfunction: replace deprecated inspect.getargspec() to inspect.getfullargspec()
oracle provider: log when ROWID is used for a missing primary key
(closes #32648)
also track newer CIFS
translation string fix
Merge pull request #32460 from alexbruy/backport-32455-to-release-3_4
osgeo4w: fix nightlies (followup 766149b1b6)
In case it is needed: Update for 3.4 (backport of master commit)
Merge pull request #32793 from
osgeo4w: build with proj 6 and gdal 3
Fix const
[Bugfix][Server] WFS: Add primary keys to request to build Server Feature Id
Fix PG 12 constraints check (provider side)
Fix crash when deactivating vertex editor (fixes #32685)
Fix postgis 12 adscr -> adbin consrc -> conbin
"fix" gdal_calc creation options
Merge pull request #32572 from qgis/backport-32527-to-release-3_4
osgeo4w: detect grass78
[RPM] Update sip references in spec file
Fix copy items from value map configuration
[processing] allow to select files without suffix in the Processing
options dialog
fix wronng paste
fix SAGA Slope, Aspect, Curvature
dwg/dxf import: * fix orientation of TEXT entities * also clean TEXT
strings * support non-origin-based blocks * support extrusion

Thank you.

If i had to run this through a committee first, probably nothing of the above
had happend yet and I wouldn't have time left to actually do it.


PS: Windows CI status:
* appveyor: still times out (after 4 years the limit of 1h still isn't enough)
* azure pipelines: runs out of disk space (limit 10GB)

PPS: I also need something to punch ;)

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