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Marco Barbieri
Hi René-Luc,
Which QGIS Server version ?
Are the XYZ services HTTPS ?
WebMapp_Tiles is a HTTPS service.
Do you have a proxy for the server ?
No proxy on either servers.
Can you made some curl request on the server and access a tile ?


Le 14/03/2019 à 10:46, Marco Barbieri a écrit :
> I have a project in QGIS desktop with 3 XYZ Tiles base maps.
> Everything works fine.
> I use the same .qgs project on QGIS server and only one base map works
> with GetMap request.
> The following are my requests to the server. The first request shows
> OpenStreetMap base map:
> This request should show the "WebMapp_Tiles" base map, but doesn't
> work (white background):

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