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adam steer-2
hi folks (restricting response to the list I have permission to post on)

It is great to see a move away from mailchimp - which for me is less about money and more about knowing what subscriber data are retained and used (and being able to properly describe it to users/subscribers).

I have some questions:

Is there a reason the existing discussion / announce list infrastructure (including [hidden email] and [hidden email]) cannot be used? (are there numbers on how much that costs?)

If we're talking about building infrastructure, is it a good time to talk about wholesale migration for all of OSGeo lists to more modern systems (eg mailman v3 or discourse, or ...)? - using F4G 2021 as the guinea pig?

Is sharing mailing lists ethical/permitted? My argument here is that when a subscriber signs up they should be allowed to give (or not) permission about how (and by whom) they are contacted in future - in the example a user signs up for FOSS4G2021 communications, we should not (even if it is allowed by law) then share their details in future with some other event *without explicit permission to do so* (do we know for sure that those 10-15k contacts signed up for future communications about conferences?)

...and what is the purpose for tracking e-mail? do we explain what is tracked and why anywhere? are there examples for people to see? are subscribers plainly made aware that mail to them is tracked?

With sendy I see some similarities to mailchimp in that regard, collecting a bunch of stuff for the aim of... is anybody sure?

I know there's likely some pressure to get messages going out for FOSS4G2021, it'd be great to see it done with awesome data privacy practices and open tooling in mind :)



On Tue, 15 Sep 2020 at 14:47, Steven Feldman <[hidden email]> wrote:
I have been talking with Malena about a replacement for our MailChimp account for FOSS4G. 

Our current subscription is paused as it was costing us about $100 per month for 10-15k contacts even though we weren’t sending emails, we can restart the account whenever we need to and start paying the bill again.

We have been looking at lower cost ways to send bulk emails to potential delegates for FOSS4G and based on some recommendations and reviews we think would work for us. If anyone has experience of Sendy please chip in now with your views. There is a one time cost of $59 for a Sendy license which we would need to install on our own server and then a cost of $1 per 10k emails for the Amazon SES mail service plus a bit more for attachments.

If we sent up to 100k emails per month (10 campaigns to 10k contacts) with a few graphics our costs would be about $25 per month which is a fraction of the costs with MailChimp.

I propose that OSGeo purchases a Sendy license, sets up the self hosted service on our infrastructure and signs up for the Amazon Simple Email Service. We should set this up in a way that allows our Marketing Committee, Regional FOSS4Gs and other groups to have access to the service for managing and sharing (with appropriate privacy controls) mailing lists. This would provide continuity from year to year for our events organisers and could also form the basis for an ongoing dialogue with sponsors

Malena and Maria are keen to move our contacts out of MailChimp and to get started mailing people re FOSS4G2021 as soon as possible.


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