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What information do you have?  I don't understand what you are trying to do.  If you are trying to find the camera position from matched keypoints on different images you need to perform homography and have >= 4 matching keypoints.

If you are trying to find the distance to a single point you need the camera position and where the X, Y of the point in at least 2 frames.  Take a look at epipolar lines, and well as the homography link.  There is also an excellent book called multi-view geometry.

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does anyone know how to do the inverse bundler transform?
This is waht is in the manual ( :

*P* = *R* * *X* + *t*       (conversion from world to camera
coordinates)*p* = -*P* / *P*.z        (perspective division)*p*' = *f*
* r(*p*) * *p*   (conversion to pixel coordinates)

This explains how to transform a world point X to camera coordinates.

But how do I do the inverse transformation? (for instance, how do I
get thr x point?.....)
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