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Cameron Shorter
Hi Peter,
I think your request to have ownership of Rasdaman "corrected" to be
owned by GmbH is reasonable, especially since the license of code I
assume shows reference to GmbH? I also assume this could be confirmed if
someone were to check the lineage of code commits?

I'd hope that this can be resolved without needing to refer to the CoC
Committee, which would typically deal with cases such as personal
slander. I realise that Jeff suggested this committee, but he also
suggested providing more information - which would be required should
this be a CoC issue.

I'd be inclined to suspect this issue could be resolved easily? I'd also
suspect that this is an accident rather than foul play by someone? At
the very least, we should assume innocence until proven guilty of any
person involved.

With regards to reference to incubation of rasdaman. Last correspondence
on this matter [1] has been that the incubation committee members have
provided feedback and actions to address before rasdaman is ready to be
incubated. We are waiting for such actions to be complete.


On 18/09/2015 2:21 am, Peter Baumann wrote:

> Hello community,
> here is another real case that I would like to raise.
> rasdaman [0] is listed on OpenHub [1], like many of us, with owner rasdaman GmbH
> set originally. By coincidence I found that OSGeo has claimed rasdaman at some
> time in the past.
> To my total surprise, as rasdaman is in incubation since about 5 years now [2],
> and since quite some time OSGeo refuses graduation requiring this and that extra
> documentation.
> I find this undercover misappropriation a gross violation of professional ethics
> and request to immediately "give back" the project as a remedial action. I could
> do it myself, but recently OpenHub requires a phone number to be entered to
> which, as blog comments show, spam will get sent. IMO it is on OSGeo to bring
> this sacrifice.
> Actually, I know who has "stolen ownership", but will not disclose identity
> publicly following suggested practice.
> Rather, I am seeking contact to and investigation by the CoC Committee (or
> whoever is in charge).
> Thanks,
> Peter
> [0]
> [1]
> [2]
> PS: On the side, this IMHO justifies an amendment of the CoC rules to prevent
> such a case in future.

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