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Marco Bernasocchi-2
Hi Harrissou,

that is a very old version indeed, but not non functional, it just supports only "old" androids, if you have a newer android the playstore will tell you that your device is not supported (still has over 10K downloads).
We have not updated much that version because QField is the much better android solution for QGIS. In fact QField is QGIS core behind an highly optimized UI and was responsible for a lot of improvements in QGIS itself. We always make whatever possible/sensible in QGIS and reuse it in QField then.

QField has a very large use base with over 100K downloads and and average rating of over 4.5 (out of 1100 feedback), but I guess as you say still not everybody is aware of it. QField also pretty much mimics the QGIS structure where we welcome external PR, issues and fixes (so far QField has had contributions by around 15 developers IIRC and is translated in 13 languages more than 75%).

Obviously QField is GPL and you can use it as you see fit by simply synchronizing or copying your data to and from your device.

So yes, I guess we should change that link, I'll discuss that tonight in the PSC meeting.



On 14.10.19 18:18, DelazJ wrote:

For years now, the main page of QGIS website ( claims:
Create, edit, visualise, analyse and publish geospatial information on Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD (Android coming soon)
coming soon....
And looking at the download page (, there's an Android section that brings to a version of QGIS in the play store. Unsurprisingly, that version is old and not functional. And unfortunately, there are people trying to download it. Which is not good for the project imho.

So is QGIS really on Android?


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