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Cameron Shorter

Hi Jan,

Sorry for the delayed response. I'm hoping one of the more active members of the incubation committee would speak up.

Assuming GeoStyler fits Jody's checklist (which it looks like it does), I'm strongly in favour of including GeoStyler as an OSGeo community project.

From what I can see, GeoStyler addresses a pain point that many of us in the OSGeo community have faced at some point, and I'd love to see it promoted and grow. In particular, I'd love to see GeoStyler included in OSGeoLive,

The application process here: Would you be interested in joining OSGeoLive? (Note the ongoing commitment required in questions).

Cheers, Cameron

On 19/3/20 3:19 am, Jan Suleiman wrote:
Dear Incubation Committee,

we would like to introduce our Open Source project "GeoStyler".

GeoStyler is an Open Source JavaScript library that enables users to style maps with the help of a Graphical User Interface.
The goal of GeoStyler is a universally applicable GUI that works with any given style format; may it be SLD, QML, OpenLayers, etc.

In order to achieve that goal, we follow a plugin-approach where so called "style-parsers" can be plugged into the UI. These style parsers work as a conversion tool to bidirectionally convert between any external style and our internal style format.
As a positive side effect, we are able to convert from one external format to another one (e.g. from QML to SLD, etc.).

The GUI library is written in react but also provides browser builds to enable its usage outside of any react application.

With thanks to currently 16 different contributors, we successfully maintain 15 repositories in our GitHub organisation, including the UI library and documentation, different style-parsers, data-parsers, type definitions, a demo application and a tutorial. The majority of these was also already published on NPM. On the OSGeo Bolsena Code Sprint 2019, a GeoServer Community Extension was written that integrates GeoStyler and allows the creation of styles within GeoServer by using our GUI.

The GitHub organisation can be found here:
The Demo Application including links to Docs, GitHub and NPM can be found here:
The GeoServer Plugin here:
FOSS4G 2019 Talk:
FOSSGIS 2019 Talk (German):
AGIT 2019 Talk (German):
FOSSGIS 2020 Talk (German):

The licenses are BSD-2-Clause and we are very happy and eager to extend the list of contributors. Our first goal would be to be listed on the OSGeo webpage and in the long run to release GeoStyler as an OSGeo Community Project.

In the future, we would like to provide additional style-parsers (e.g. for mapserver) and extend the UI library with additional components to further simplify styling maps.

We are happy to receive your support, if there are any questions, we are happy to help!

Kind regards

Jan Suleiman

Cameron Shorter
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