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Alexandre Devaux
Hi Nicolas!

Glad to know your interest in iTowns!

In the video the flood simulation is actually rendered on a globeView. It is an old branch you can find to test here:
Zoom closely to the french coast or rivers and then click animate water and you can then move the slider for the sea level.

It works using a high res DTM in WMTS for all France. Antoine Masse ([hidden email]) worked on it with a higher resolution DTM (created from lidar to classic grid WMTS) for french littoral also. You can specify your DTM in the WMTS_Provider.js (it's better in the last versions as you specify it in the index.html/JSON)
Then the flood was computed in the globe shaders changing the rendering depending on water depth. Another technic is to create a physical mesh for the water.


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Congratulation for the work done on this project.

I recently discovered iTowns and I am trying to play with it with some data.
I wish I can use the flooding animation I saw on the website video but I do not figure out how to use it.

-        What it is the viewer used? Planar?

-        How is build the elevation layer? What is the data format in input? Do I have to use rok4 server?

-        What should be my data format to manage the flooding animation?

Appreciate your help :)

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