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Alexandre Devaux
Hello Simon,
Sorry for the delay due to end-of-year holidays.

We're glad you looked for itowns to visualize your mobile mapping acquisitions!

What kind of data you want to visualize? Is it only Lidar or also Oriented Images/Spherical Panoramics?

If you just want to visualize only Lidar in Las format you could directly use Potree ( iTowns V1 only reads xyzi binary file so you would have to create your own converter.

Concerning positions, yes by default our library uses THREEJS frame reference with y axis going up.

You can contact me directly ([hidden email]) for specific questions regarding itowns V1 but as it is no more maintained we recommend you to work with the new version ( as soon as it gets all V1 functionnalities. We are currently consolidating the globe main features but oriented images should be in the master around march. Pointcloud a bit later as we are investigating Tiles3D as the main spatial data structure for streaming.


Alexandre Devaux
Chargé d'Etudes et de Recherche
Laboratoire MATIS, IGN
Tel: 01 43 98 85 73

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Hello everyone,

We want to use the iTowns platform to enable our customers to display their data. For the moment we want to use iTowns v1 and add news features. With the aim of studying the feasibility of this project and to familiarizing us with the application we wish to test it with a sample of our data.

So I followed the wiki about data preparation to bring the necessary changes in the Metadata files (JSON). Is there more detailed documentation describing each step in the preparation of this data?

·         What changes must be made to these files to display our data?

·         Is there a difference between the application that we run in development mode and itowns v1.0 release (additional features such as "measurements tools, data export ...?")

·         About point clouds: Our Lidar Mobile Mapping Pegasus 2 (Leica) produces data in (.Las) format => how can we convert them into binary file (.bin) to read them in the application

·         Do you know if other application’s users possess the same LIDAR mobile mapping?

·         Concerning the starting position supplied by the file Index.html: “y“ and “z” are inverted, Is it normal?    position: {x:651182.91, y:39.6, z:6861343.03}

Thank you,

Simon Ledrapier
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