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François-Xavier PRUNAYRE
Hi Jeroen, I was looking on the community website for presentation made by
GeoNetwork team in Roma last year about architecture, database, …
(architecture-technologies.pdf, database.pdf, …). I’ve some of these
documents but some other people (like Jorge) are looking for this kind of


Any useful links?


Thanks for your help.





De : Jorge Torres León [mailto:[hidden email]]
Envoyé : jeudi 12 juillet 2007 19:24
À : François-Xavier PRUNAYRE
Objet : Geonetwork technical info


Hola Francois,
Sorry for disturbing you again, but I need some information and maybe u
could help, I have searched the internet for information about the
Geonetwork architecture, and I found some general information about it, but
I need more details for an investigation I am conducting. I Would be very
grateful if you could please indicate me where can I find technical detailed
description of Geonetwork internal structure,  example: how is the
intereaction between jeeves , lucene and the DBMS..., the components of
geonetwork, how is the indexing done and how is the search done, etc...

Thanks in advance
Best regards,


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