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Jeroen Ticheler-3
Hi Syahmin,

Sorry for the late reply. I just uploaded the utility to the  
community website with some description. It really needs additional  
checking and probably improvements as described on the site. Look at  
the Software section on

I hope this helps. Contributions to the utility are very welcome!

Copying to the mailing-lists as other people were asking for the same.


On 23 Jan 2006, at 08:49, Syahmin Sukhairi wrote:

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> Hi,
> i'm still waiting the utility like you said in your email before,  
> or you can
> tell me the url so i can download the software by my self.
> Thanks
> Syahmin. S
> On 1/11/06, Syahmin Sukhairi <[hidden email]> wrote:
>> For Hydrobasins of Africa i have already try to edit and got same  
>> error,
>> and that's still happen if we install in XP machine (it was  
>> installed before
>> i put in 2003 machine).
>> Thanks before for the utility.
>> Regards from Aceh, Indonesia
>> Syahmin. S
>> On 1/11/06, Jeroen Ticheler <[hidden email]> wrote:
>>> Currently there is not a direct import from ArcMap metadata  
>>> files. We
>>> still need to add a transformation stylesheet in place to do  
>>> that. It is
>>> good to know that ArcMap does produce ISO metadata, but it does  
>>> currently
>>> not produce a "clean" metadata files as used by GeoNetwork that  
>>> can be
>>> imported directly. The ArcMap metadata files contain a lot of  
>>> ESRI specific
>>> content and also contain FGDC content.
>>> I am tele-working now, but tomorrow I will send you a small  
>>> utility that
>>> can convert ArcMap metadata to GeoNetwork compliant ISO metadata and
>>> backwards.