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The Filter specification has the between filter set up as a range test for literals like strings and numbers. It is not one of the spatial filters.

It looks to me like you want a geometry function that will select some content out of your multilinestring?

There is a function list here:

Looks like getGeometryN may help you? However if you are doing this as a java programmer why not manipulate the geometries after you get them back?

If you are trying to get back individual line segements then we may have to work harder with the creation of a custom function.

PS. Please try and send all questions to the user list; since others can answer as well (I was away sick last week).

2009/2/23 ilker gürcan <[hidden email]>
Hi Mr. Garnett, i am a computer engineering student at Baskent University in Ankara in Turkey.I have a question to you about "between filter".
Filter aradakiYolFilter = ff.between("the_geom"),

when i try to run this piece of code it always throws no such a Feature exception. But i pass two points as a parameter to filter and i want it to return a line or lineString between these two points, But it says there is no such a feature :S...Yes i know there is no such a feature in my shapefile and all features are multilinestrings in my shapefile; however i dont want the whole multilinestring to be returned, only a piece of it ,a piece which is between these two indicated points(ilkNokta and ikinciNokta) ..What kind of filtering u may suggest me Mr. Garnett to return the correct resultset?I use your tool in my final project as a geographic manipulation tool, Sir.
Thanks for your future reply in advance...
İlker GÜRCAN--->Computer Engineering Student At Baskent University In Ankara In Turkey.

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