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regarding the S57 support, there are also two issues to be handle in the S57 visualization and integration:
1) the first problem is that the S57 files contains a huge number of information layers and they should be represented from the IHO S52 representation Library which has not a FOSS license.
2) another problem is the low performance during the real-time layer extraction. For instance, using GDAL/OGR to load in runtime the Bathymetric layer from the S57 files is time consuming for the server especially when you should load more S57 files to draw a scene.

And also we are not talking about the problem of layer overlapping (e.g. the sounding layer) and the handling of the S63 (Encrypted S57) maps.

As Simone said and as I know there are only few commercial (and not cheap) solution to share S57 maps.

If you have any good news, please let the list know.


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Simone Giannecchini wrote:
> Supporting s57 is actually quite difficult. We have done work in the
> past  to support it using proprietary softwaree, we never relied on
> gdal/ogr.
> The bad thing about s57 as far as I can remember is that  it mixes up
> rendering directives as well as vector data, therefore supporting it
> is not that easy.
> There is experimental work to create a vector datastore for OGR, but I
> am not sure it is usable yet.

Last time I checked back in February it was building and working on
simple datasets. However that depends on the GDAL 1.7 java bindings
so I've been waiting for imageio-ext to upgrade to that version of
GDAL/OGR as well (as we cannot link to two different versions of
the same library at the same time).

Once we're on the same line we can try it out again


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