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Suchith Anand

Great news . Congratulations to all winners and participants. Well done all... Thank you to all the jury members.

Best wishes,


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Dear all,

we are happy to announce the winners of the OSGeo UN Committee Educational Challenge ( The proposals were all excellent and it was very hard for the jury to select the winners.

Anyhow, here are the results:

1) Challenge 1: Ketty Adoch (Uganda)

2) Challenge 2: Silvia Franceschi (Italy)

3) Challenge 3: Maria Ilie Codrina (Romania)

A special word of thanks to the jury for their evaluations: Christina Hupy, Hae-Kyong Kang, Maria Arias De Reina, Victoria Rautenbach, Ivana Ivanova, Serena Coetzee, Angelos Tzotsos, Thomas Mueller, Paolo Corti and Gregory Giuliani.

Thanks also to the participants for their great proposals.

Looking forward to seeing the work of Ketty, Silvia and Maria Ilie!

Best regards
Maria & Serena

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