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Michael Barton
Carlos and Benjamin,

Thanks much. This is why we need more people to start using and testing the
wx GUI.  A couple responses below

On 8/7/07 1:53 AM, "[hidden email]"
<[hidden email]> wrote:

> I can confirm both these issues (on Gentoo Linux).
> If I leave a wx monitor open, after I quit GRASS, I will
> not be able to close it at all and have to kill the underlying
> process. If however, I also leave the main manager window open,
> then I will be able to close that and it will in turn close
> open map windows, even if I exited the GRASS shell already.

How do you manage to keep a map display open and close the main window? My
guess is that this is what is causing things to hang, not closing GRASS.
Whenever I close the layer manager, all other GUI windows close too. This is
what they are supposed to do. Probably, when you are closing the layer
manager first and the map display is NOT closing, it is hanging waiting for
*something* (I don't know what) in order to shut the whole GUI down.

Do you get any python error messages eventually? This might help us track
down why the GUI is not closing all windows as it should.

> I observe the same problem with zooming.

I also can confirm this. It seems to be a more general issue in that the map
gets resized to fit in the window horizontally, but not vertically. That is,
if you make a tall, skinny map display and zoom to the map, it fits in
horizontally (leaving a lot of white space on the top and bottom). But if
you make a short, wide map display, the fitting does not work correctly. My
colleagues on the GUI team seem to be out doing real work somewhere and I'm
facing the need to do the same with classes starting shortly. But I'll try
to track this down.

> Additionally, the manual pages in the wx module dialogs do not
> show any bitmaps. But this may be a problem with my own wxPython
> setup.

I noticed this some time back and reported it to Daniel Cavelo, who is
overseeing this part of the GUI. He has tracked down how to fix it but noted
that if you click on of the links on a manual page, the new page WILL show
the bitmaps. Something is not getting initialized somewhere.

Especially for pages where someone has gone to the trouble of creating
graphics, we need to get this resolved.

Thanks again for the reports.


> Benjamin
>> Just been paly around with the wx gui. Works fine, but there are some
>> issues:
>> if I hit crtl+d inthe terminal (as I usually do to exit grass), the
>> gui remains open. and if I exit the gui (file-exit) the grass session
>> remains open in the terminal.
>> BTW, I am using it as the main gui, called from .grassrc6
>> Now the main one. If I set the zoom to some map, I don't get the whole
>> map in the display! see the pictures to compare what happens in wx and
>> tcl guis
>> (I put the images in this server because I'm not sure whats the limit
>> for the dev list, although they are quite small)
>> Carlos
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