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Michael Barton
Thanks. Are the menu references to these changed too?

Now that I'm back, I hope to make r.reclass.rules and r.recode.rules
obsolete for TclTk like I did for wxPython. I'm hoping that r.reclass.file
and r.recode.file can be made obsolete with slight changes to the C-modules


On 6/18/07 2:33 AM, "Hamish" <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Hamish:
>>> it would be nice to move generic wrapper scripts which are just
>>> needed for a GUI/core interaction (ie nothing to do with tcl or wx)
>>> from  gui/tcltk/gis.m/script/  to gui/scripts/
> Now done for non-obsolete scripts. After install they live in
> $GISBASE/etc/gui/scripts/.
> d.shadedmap moved to the main script/ dir, now it's a normal module.
> I added a -d flag to d.title to run G_system(d.text) automatically, so
> is now obsolete.
> the rest of the GUI wrapper scripts should be removed once the modules
> they wrap become more GUI-friendly (ie sometime before GRASS 7):
> - r.reclass, r.recode, r.colors, take input from a file= option as an
> alternative to stdin; better- write a GUI to help make the input file
> then run r.reclass with that)
> - d.path has a coor= option now, so it can be used non-interactively.
> i.e. the GUI can pick the two coords interactively and then run the
> module non-interactively and display the result.
> - The bug is still weird. (breaks out after two [y/n]
> questions if run directly in an xterm)
> hopefully no problems,
> Hamish

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