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Dear GRASS-GIS community,

herewith a "change" that concerns who will be invited to vote in the
2016 PSC election.  This has been an issue long discussed alread in the
"grass-psc" mailing list.  The decision was to invite community members
with SVN write access (as well as members of the translating community).

Thus, the list of voters will be as discussed already in the grass-psc
mailing list.  Please refer to relevant e-mails in the list's archive: (May) (June)

Hence, this affects the paragraph (3.3) in my original
announcement (also copy-pasted in the end of this message).
I will update the relevant trac page

As of today, the election process starts with the CRO's tasks being:

1. inform current PSC members about the start of the election process
and asking for whether they will stand by as a candidate.  **This task
is in-progress**.

2. expecting nomination proposals, ideally, from *any* community member

The voting system that will be used will be finally Helios which serves
pretty well the needs of GRASS-GIS' PSC election and, at the same time,
protects privacy and anonymity.

Thank you, Nikos Alexandris

* Nikos Alexandris <[hidden email]> [2016-07-21 14:16:44 +0200]:

>3.3 Voting
>   • from 21st of August at 12:00 UTC  to  28th of August 2016 at 12:00 UTC (,12&h=100&date=8/28/2016|3)
>   • eligible to vote are all subscribers to either the
>  or  the
> list
>   • privacy/anonymity guaranteed by using an online voting system
>   • system currently under consideration/evaluation is
>   • voters will be invited via email
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