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Re: GRASS Community Sprint in Berlin May 2019

Veronica Andreo
Hi everyone,

Dear all,

it's pleasure for me to announce a next GRASS Community Sprint which
will be held in Berlin (thanks to DIW for free provision of meeting
rooms and internet access), Germany in May 17th - 20th.

Please register yourself at wiki [1] ASAP(!) to understand whether the
booked meeting room at DIW is big enough for our team :-)

More information at

Thanks, on behalf of organization team (here big thanks to Peter Loewe
from DIW for hard work with organizing the event at DIW). Hopefully
see you seen in Berlin, Martin


I wish I could join! It's a lil bit far away for me these days... So, I thought that since many of you will be gathered there, we could do a video call or so to discuss diverse stuff, i.e., new website, new startup, python 3 support and so on

I have added a section in the wiki "Via video call", if you agree and are available, add yourself there

Looking forward to seeing you guys :)

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