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Justin Deoliveira-3
Hi Efrin,

I am moving this converstation to the public list. You need to to create
  data in your database before publishing a feature type for it. The WFS
spec does not support the creation of new feature types.

Here is some documentation on how to do this:


Efren Serra wrote:

> Justin,
> OK, thus far I have gotten things pretty much working.  After running the
> geotools PostgisDataStoreAPITest, I got the following relations in my
> database:
> lake, river, road, besides the geometry_columns and spatial_ref_sys that
> were there after installing the postgis extension to postgresql.  How does
> one add new FeatureTypes to a blank database?  Lets assume that I want to
> add meteorological features types such as Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed,
> etc., to a blank database that I am setting up.  How do I go about this?  Do
> I need to submit wfs:Insert operations via the WFS XML interface(s)?  Thank
> you.
> v/r,
> Efren

Justin Deoliveira
The Open Planning Project

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