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Gregers Hedegaard Petersen
Dear Peteris

As sad as the message is, it is responsible, natural, understandable, and in good time.
I had looked forward to seeing all in Latvia, now I am hopeful that I might get to see my own colleagues before summer...

Thanks for your time and work on the conference, and thank you for cancelling in good time for a digital alternative to be arranged.



tor. 21. jan. 2021 kl. 20.40 skrev Pēteris Brūns <[hidden email]>:
Dear all,

I am writing to you all as chair of the FOSS4G Europe 2020 Conference, which was postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in the hope that 2021 will be different. Following all the processes here in Latvia, taking into account the recommendations of local partners, looking at ourselves and our plans for the coming year, then it can be formulated - if we are responsible for ourselves and others, we do not plan trips to other countries and try to avoid activities that can endanger ourselves and others.

After today's discussions with partners from other countries, we have decided not to hold a face-to-face conference as we had initially hoped. I therefore call on the community to consider the possibilities and readiness to organise FOSS4G Europe 2021 as a remote conference.

With this announcement I would step back from the chair role of the conference. I'm ready to support, help and join in the process of organisation, but not steer.

Thank you for your trust, for helping to organise an event that was not destined to take place.

p.s. If surprising conditions will allow, then we consider organise a spot in Valmiera for face-to-face meetings and work in parallel of remote conference.

Best regards,
Pēteris Brūns
+371 26336691

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