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Massimiliano Cannata
Thanks Gavin for the plans and budget forward (it clarified me a lot) and thanks Ki-Joune for the suggestions.

I believe the important is that the Hackaton produce some tangible outputs that are useful for the UN OpenGIS inintiative.

While porting in one day GeoTools/uDig to QGIS looked very difficult, the suggested options of OSM and geoAnalyses looks very feasible.


2017-04-12 11:50 GMT+02:00 Gavin Fleming <[hidden email]>:
I forwarded to Maxi the mail I sent to most of this list on 4 April in which I outlined plans and budget. 

On 12 Apr 2017, at 09:08, Massimiliano Cannata <[hidden email]> wrote:

Dear Gavin and loc committee,
could you please recap the amount you are requesting from the UN budget and for what activity?

This is to better understand, since the UN committee money are allocate for UN Hackatons.
So, sprint code and conference invited speakers is out of scope.

Thanks for clarifying this aspect.


2017-04-12 8:24 GMT+02:00 Massimiliano Cannata <[hidden email]>:
My proposed alternative is: 
use part of the money to invite a QGIS programmer expert that can guide the developments.

Alternatively lower the barrier and do something on documentation, website development or similar...

Il 12 apr 2017 7:38 AM, "Maria Antonia Brovelli" <[hidden email]> ha scritto:
Maxi, please, will you propose also  an alternative? What can be done in your opinion? Many thanks!!!!
Good day, 

Inviato dal mio dispositivo Samsung

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Oggetto: Re: [FOSS4G-Africa-private] UN GIS Hackathon

Hi all,
I partially agree with Tim. The bar is very high, it means having people that know how to QGIS programming.

But it is not a sprint code, it is a UN hackaton so requested money should help advancing in the UN open gis initiative. Maybe you could use part of the money to invite and international QGIS programmer expert to help with this...

Otherwise in my opinion it worth to organise a regular sprint code and ask money to OSGeo and not to the UN committee.

My 5 lira..

Il 12 apr 2017 12:31 AM, "Tim Sutton" <[hidden email]> ha scritto:

Wow there are many interesting tools in that repo  ( but I think it is a bit overambitious to try to take on something like that during a 1 day code sprint. It assumes a lot of prior knowledge and sets a very high bar to entry. I think we are better off looking for some low hanging fruit and rather using a vehicle like GSoC to try to get a student to port those tools over to QGIS Processing framework.

Generally my experience with code sprints is that it does not work well trying to dictate the agenda too much - generally people come in one of two categories:

1) They already have their own pet project they are working on and they come to share / learn / show
2) They need to get onto the knowledge ladder and are basically looking for mentorship for a day to help them get started

Having a pool of ideas would be great and we can certainly put this out there, but lets also see what serendipity delivers - it will usually bring pleasant surprises....



On 11 Apr 2017, at 7:01 PM, Gavin Fleming <[hidden email]> wrote:

Thanks Maria and Ki-Joune

I think porting some geotools/uDig modules to QGIS would make for a good challenge for competent developers

Jeff, Tim. Christian, Ashleigh and any other LOC member interested in getting involved in the code sprint and Hackathon please could you organize around this 

- get some content up on the website elaborating the Hackathon
- promote it…


On 08 Apr 2017, at 18:15, Ki-Joune Li <[hidden email]> wrote:

Dear All,

For further detail information, you may contact with Minpa Lee ([hidden email]) or Hae-Kyong Kang ([hidden email]).

Best Regards,


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Dear All

here the github address with the functionalities developed for UN Open GIS:

kindly provided by Ki-Joune Li.



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Da: Maria Antonia Brovelli <[hidden email]>
Inviato: sabato 8 aprile 2017 12.58
A: Gavin Fleming; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; Suchith Anand; Massimiliano Cannata; Ki-Joune Li; 'Sanghee Shin'; Jeff McKenna; Jody Garnett
Oggetto: UN GIS Hackathon
Dear Gavin 
There are many functionalities developed by the Korean team within  geotools that were specifically requested by UN for the UN Open GIS Initiative.  They are freely available in github.  A good challenge could be to work starting from those functionalities to add them in QGIS ( for instance as plugins). This in my opinion is useful for the UN Open GIS Project and can be easily  faced by students/young developers of the hackathon. 
Sanghee is part of the OSGEO Board and is strongly involved in UN Open GIS Initiative. Therefore he can be the most representative person to come to the hackathon.  But Jeff has a lot of experience in the whole initiative as well.
The most important point is to have tangible results and to attract many young talented people to this hackathon and give it a lot of visibility. 
Let us see what the other members of the committee suggest.
I hope to have the possibility of better discussing it on Monday morning during our committee meeting. Will you or Serena attend it?
Have a nice week end!

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Dipartimento ambiente costruzione e design

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