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Jäger, Frank (KRZ)

> I want to get the coordinates  ...

While moving the mouse in the Mapframe you always see the actual coordinates changing under the mapframe.
On mouse-click there is a second row (fixed) with the coordinates of the click-position. You can Copy&Paste this fixed coordinates.

>  .. and other information

This is not a function of the Client but oft the Web Map Service (WMS).
A Feature-Info of the WMS gives you Informations to the Objekt you clicked. This can also include some Coordinates.

Which WMS-Server do you use?  (UMN-)Mapserver, GeoServer, ..?

You must enable the feature-Info for the WMS in Mapbender for the WMS.


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> Thanks, but that doesn't really help me. I want to get the coordinates (and
> other information) from a point on the map when I click on it and put them in
> some text fields that I have. Can you help?
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