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Re: Convert GEOTIFF to JPG using GDAL

Mike Flannigan

Most browsers will open a JPG file.
In the browser, go to File - Open and open
the file.


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> Subject: [gdal-dev] Convert GEOTIFF to JPG using GDAL
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> I have a rgb.tif file in the configuration of GeoTiff.
> I want to view it in a browser (the GeoTiff does not interest me)
> I convert the file to JPG as follows:
> gdal_translate -of JPEG C:\z\RGB.tif C:\z\new.jpg -co WORLDFILE=NO
> The problem is that the new file is only shown in a program like ArcMap but
> not in the browser.
> Can someone explain to me why this is happening and does it have a solution
> ? Thanks

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