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Hi Cameron,

Sure - we can scoot this to a public forum. So let it be cc'ed, so let it be done.


On Wed, Dec 16, 2015 at 1:40 PM, Cameron Shorter <[hidden email]> wrote:
Hi Kristin,
Indeed, summer is great here.
My trip to work yesterday involved:
* Ride 30 minutes to the iconic Manly beach
* Have a swim
* Catch the Manly->City ferry to work
* Ride home after work (over the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge)
I certainly feel like I'm living the dream.

I empathise with your learning to walk. I know how that feels, having broken a number of bones over the years (often from falling off bicycles).

I think we should CC this discussion with the CoC email list. Are you ok with that? I think it helps with transparency and with encouraging others to contribute.

Re the post you reference - it is a great summary, but also quite daunting to see how much work is out there.
My take home is to notice that there is a move to adopt a universal CoC, as per:
I'd suspect that it would be in our interests to align the OSGeo CoC with such an initiative.
Doing so aligns with our Open Source principles: Design collectively, get it right, share, save everyone from having to solve the same problem multiple times.

Warm regards Cameron
Feel free to reply publicly copying some of all of my text.

On 17/12/2015 8:15 am, Kristin Bott wrote:

On Wed, Dec 16, 2015 at 1:09 PM, Kristin Bott <[hidden email]> wrote:
Hi Cameron,

Just checking in, since it's been a week+ since we talked.

Given (a) other excitement in OSGeo [Jeff resigning, etc] (b) holidays (c) life / work / foo -- my plan is to do some CoC homework and kick off a new discussion after the start of the new calendar year.

Hope all's well on your end; enjoy that lovely summer I hear you all have. (Here: record rains and flooding; relearning how to walk [2 months to normal, perhaps...])


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