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Eli Dylan Lorimer
Hi Dave,

My bad, I think I had the "loose BB" option set to true and wasn't aware of it as I did all your tests below and got the desired results.

Thanks for checking this out though. I appreciate it.

In PostGIS

diss=# select extent(point) from waypoints_2d;
BOX(-3.03163003921509 51.3857269287109,0.288760006427765 53.8070907592773)
(1 row)   

Through the browser in the form of: 
<gml:coordinates decimal="." cs="," ts=" ">-3.03163004,51.38572693 0.28876001,53.80709076</gml:coordinates>

Through the browser in the form of a getCapabilities:
<Abstract>Generated from localPostgis</Abstract>
<Keywords>localPostgis waypoints_2d</Keywords>
<LatLongBoundingBox minx="-3.03163003921509" miny="51.3857269287109" maxx="0.288760006427765" maxy="53.8070907592773"/>

Through the web interface of GeoServer when I click "Generate BB"
Data min X:        -3.03163003921509        Data min Y:        51.3857269287109
Data max X:     0.288760006427765     Data max Y:     53.8070907592773.