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Rob Knauerhase
In an E-mail message, Conn Copas said:
>Is the list being archived at all ? Could be useful for the prevention of
>repetitive questions, especially if an index was provided.

Yes.  Archives for both the user's and programmer's lists are kept by month.
The current month's archive is called LOG; previous months are called
Arc-m-yy.Z where m is the month number and yy is the last two digits of the
year.  The .Z is appended because old month's archives are automatically
compressed when the month changes.

To see what's available, send a message with "DIR" in the subject to
[hidden email] or [hidden email]
and it will return a list of available files.  You can then send a GET
command to retrieve any of the archives, which the server will send to you
in mail.  Send a HELP command for detailed instructions on the previous

Unfortunately, there's no good way to automate the creation of an index, so
there isn't one at this time.  Perhaps that's a good idea for a future
enhancement (someday) though.

I'll cc: a copy of this note to both lists, just to remind folks that
archives are available for their use.

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