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Re: Application for MDAL to join OSGeo incubator program

Let me see if I can help, comments inline:
Jody Garnett

just wondering if I shouldn't send this to some mailing list, or communication with you directly is fine?

Each question looks like it goes to a different group, osgeo likes email lists for transparency and community building. There are very few direct email contacts in osgeo ([hidden email], [hidden email], etc....).

Indeed let me move this email to [hidden email] so others can follow along, and more importantly correct me when I am wrong :)

1. I want to create a mailing list [hidden email], but I am unable to do so: with error "Error: You are not authorized to create new mailing lists"

The System Admin Committee makes email lists, they like you to make a trac ticket...
2. MDAL & MDAL-docs repositories now live under lutraconsulting/ github organization. Are we supposed to move them under OSGeo organization? How can this be done? (I have permissions for lutraconsulting, but I am not sure about the transition) Should we do it now or only after?

OSGeo does not have any requirement to change organizations or anything.

3. Can we already use the "OSGeo Community" Badge on the MDAL repository/docs or should we wait for some official confirmation from OSGeo of acceptance?

The osgeo incubation committee will review, and then make a motion to add you to "OSGeo Community" program.

4. Do you have some details/doc with the next steps for us? If there are some funds, promotions or other that MDAL can benefit from being community project?  We are very much lacking the proper documentation for developers and users. Also we miss the proper distribution means, where for now we just copy the code into QGIS and compile it with it.

Incubation committee email list is a good place to discuss this, we mostly have examples. 
There is a document on how funding works with OSGeo (in short you show up at a meeting and ask).
5. in the "Implemented Standards" section, I cannot find CF ( and UGRID standards we implemented (

Then I probably need to add it to the list of options, hold on :)

Okay I added: NetCDF, CF, and UGRID (they apparently form a hierarchy)
6. Are there any requirements/event/? that we as Community project should do during the year?

None, the community program is strictly about building community and capacity. There are things (OSGeo Live, Sprints) that you can participate in but nothing mandatory.
OSGeo Committees, and full OSGeo projects are a committee, end up participating in annual budget discussion and annual general meeting. 

Thanks a lot again for your help with setting this up,

Thanks for taking part in our community!


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