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Jeroen Ticheler-3
To add on to that, the <context ..> should be located inside the  
<Host ..> element. So the easiest is to paste the context just before  
the closing </Host> element. That also works with Tomcat 5, Tomcat 5  
will than automatically generate the geonetwork.xml file Roberto send  

<Context debug="3" docBase="<<replace this with your path to the  
location of GeoNetwork>>/geonetwork/web" path="/geonetwork"  
reloadable="true" useNaming="false"/>

I case you are referring to GeoNetwork 1.2.1 and not to one of the  
GeoNetwork 2 beta releases, take care as there was an error in the  
context as we provided it in the installer. We corrected it in the  
documentation on SourceForge. It should look like (with your correct  
paths, you can check the Readme.txt file in the Documentation. It  
contains the correct context for your installation):

<Context path="/geonetwork" docBase="<<replace this with your path to  
the location of GeoNetwork>>/geonetwork/web" crossContext="false"  
debug="0" reloadable="false" />

Note: Take care that the paths used in the docBase atribute look  
different on Windows: e.g. docBase="c:\program files\geonetwork\web"  
instead of e.g. docBase="/use/local/geonetwork/web" on a UNIX system.

Hope this will make you and your boss happy ;-)


On 8 Sep 2005, at 00:38, Roberto Giaccio wrote:

> Ciao Kyle,
> I am using Tomcat 5.0.25; with this version, there is a  
> geonetwork.xml configuration file inside tomcat/conf/Catalina/
> localhost/; you can find my configuration file attached.
> If you are using Tomcat 4.x then you have to add an entry into the  
> server.xml file, but I now don't have a running Tomcat 4 to look at  
> now.
> Tomorrow in FAO I will check and (hopefully) tell you the exact  
> location in the server.xml file.
>                 Roberto

> On 8 Sep 2005, at 0:24, Kyle M. Braak wrote:
>> Hola Roberto,
>> I was wondering if you could help me, I'm having a problem getting
>> GeoNetwork up and running.  My boss will kill me if I don't get it up
>> soon.
>> Essentially, i think the problem is where exactly I add the code  
>> snipet
>> <Context... to in the server.xml file.
>> Does it matter where it's inserted?
>> Otherwise, I've followed the instructions very carefully, however, it
>> doesn't seem to want to work for me haha.
>> Thank you for your time,
>> Kyle