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Jeroen Ticheler-3
Dear Alberto,

On Sep 13, 2006, at 9:39 AM, Alberto Amaro Cormenzana wrote:

> Hello Jeroen.
> First at all, let me introduce my self, I am Alberto Amaro and  
> during the
> last three years I have been working with metadata and  
> standardization in
> the Remote Sensing Area of the INTA.
> I suppose you have seen the last message that I just have sent to the
> Metadata List, in which, I announced the availability of the last  
> release
> of the Metadata Editor software (IME).

Yes, I noticed the release although I did not yet take time to try  
the release.

( )

> I know you are working to incorporate, in Geonetwork, the XML files
> validated with the ISO19139, so, let me suggest you this application.

Thanks, I forward your suggestion to the GeoNetwork users list so  
others can check it out.

> I think it can be very useful to discover very fast the Metadata  
> (elements
> and entities) paths, now validated with the Schema (very, very  
> close to the
> final ISO schema version).
> On the other side I want to ask you if Geonetwork 2.0.2 works with  
> the CS-W
> Opengis specification.
Version 2.0.2 implements the CSW 1.0 version through Z39.50. In the  
version that is currently under development we are implementing CSW  
2.0.1 based on the ISO Application profile. Metadata in the new  
software will be validated against ISO19139 and I invite you to  
retrieve the code from the code repository (CVS) and test it and  
report problems discovered.

Greetings from the FOSS4G conference (,

> We are really interested about it.
> And if it is possible, with Geonetwork, to define new metadata (for  
> example
> extensions) to be searched and located in the XML file.
> Best regards and congratulations for Geonetwork and for the FAO  
> mission.
> Alberto Amaro
> Remote Sensing Area
> Earth Observation Department
> INTA (National Instituto of Aerospace Technology)
> Ctra. Ajalvir s/n
> Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid)
> +34915201656
> +34915201990