Raster provider for ASC, DEM, SRTM files

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Raster provider for ASC, DEM, SRTM files

Hans Milling
Hi All

Does one of the FDO providers support height map files? Either:
ASC - ASCII Arc Grid
DEM - Digital Elevation Model
SRTM - Shuttle Radar Topography Mission

If not I'd like to get started writing one. What I need is a raster provider that will produce a hillshade. I already made the code to produce images of ASC files, and if no such provider exists I'd like to get some information how to get started producing a provider with these capabilities.
I imagine something like the gdal provider where you point to the file or to a directory containing multiple files and that a raster layer can then be rendered using the files. Here is a sample output from my code:
Hill shade sample
There could be options to produce greyscale or colored (as the sample), or to use hillshade/shadows or not and other options.

Best regards
  Hans Milling...