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Any chance of getting a copy of your avenue script as I would love to be
able to implement this functionality.


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Dear vorelon:

It is possible to use PostGis with ESRI ArcView.  We are currently using

ArcView as a front end for our automated processing system.  We wrote a
little Avenue script to retrieve GEOMETRY from the PostGis table column
and then create a polygon theme.  You need to have the Database Access
extension loaded into AvcView and the Postgres ODBC driver installed oun

your machine and configured to point at your server. In theory it will
work with any GEOMETRY but currently we are only using Boxes.

The big problem with going this route is that there is a bug between the

Postges ODBC driver (built on the postges library) and Windows (Win32
kernal) that causes the maximum size of one single line of SQL to be
16K.  You can see that a complicated polygon will blow that away.  It
may be only an insert problem (have not tested it with retrieval). We
are manly trying to insert jobs into our database from ArcView although
we built the retrieval script to view the jobs that we have inserted.

The nature of the problem is that Windows C socket libraries function
differently than Unix C socket libraries.  To some extent the required
fix is understood, but the Postgres developer most suited to fix this
problem does not have Windows environements to test any kind of fix.  It

has been dropped to the bottom of the bug list (6/2001) until someone
with a windows environment has the initive to dig through the Postgres
library code and install and test a fix.  I have not been back reciently

to check if any progress has been made.

There may be a work around if you install a UnixODBC driver on the
PostGis database machine.  Something we are likely to look into.

As far as ArcIMS I have no experience.

David Graham
Information Integration and Imaging, LLC.
[hidden email]

[hidden email] wrote:

> Hi
> Can anybody help me. I need to use PostGis with ESRI products. Is it
> posible?
>  I convert same shp file into PostGis database, it's fine..... but.
> I am looking for something like ArcSDE from ESRI, full compatible for
> their clients, like ArcView and ArcIms.
>  Is PostGis the right journey for me?
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