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Trevor Wekel-3
Loading large resouces directly though Autodesk MapGuide Studio can be problematic.  The "hang" is probably due to the lengthy data transfer procedure.  First, Studio uses HTTP post to upload the entire resource to the web server.  The web server then transfers the resource to the MapGuide Server.  Finally, the MapGuide Server loads the resource.
Even with all components (Studio, Web, Server) on the same machine, this whole process can take a significant amount of time.  I have often seen "effective" load rates in the 3-5 MB/second range.  For a 150MB SHP file, is is reasonable to assume that it could take more than a minute to move the data around.  If any of the components time out during this period, the load will fail.
There is a better solution - Packages
1. In MapGuide Studio, instead of pressing the "Load Resources" button, use File... Package Spatial Data...   This will create an mgp package containing all of the data described in the Load Procedure.
2.  Copy the mgp package from the Studio machine to the Server machine and place it in the MapGuideOpenSource/Server/Packages directory.
3. Start Server Admin (http://localhost/mapguide/mapadmin/login.php) and go to the Load Packages page.  The mgp package should appear in the table and can be loaded using the Load Package link at the top of the table.
Hope this helps,
Trevor Wekel

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This issue was discussed in the older mse-users archive which has not been transferred to the new osgeo users archive.  Hopefully it will be some day.  You can still access the older archives at:
For publishing your maps via embedding in an HTML file and establishing a session based on a user programmatically, see the example applications which do exactly this. 
Andy Morsell, P.E.
Spatial Integrators, Inc.

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Subject: Re: [mapguide-users] New configuration problems

This problem/behavior with large file was with earlier release too. And it is not yet fixed, I think, because it happens with large files with 1.0 too. A workaround was suggested, you may want to search the archive.


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From: Eric Brown <[hidden email]>
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Subject: Re: [mapguide-users] New configuration problems

I'm not sure where to pose this question - but I'm attempting to load a 145mb shape file (my parcel layer) - and it hangs and hangs and hangs and hangs - then - eventually returns back error free, but the layer isn't there.  I've attempted the load several times all with the same results. 
Also - although I haven't fought very much with this issue yet (and it's fairly insignificant if I can't get my parcel layer to load) - how do I make the map published in such a way that it doesn't require challenge/response.  I know this is probably some strange security issue within IIS, but the permissions appear correct. 
 Any help would be greatly appreciated.
-- Eric