Questions for updating a GeoTif store

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Questions for updating a GeoTif store

Hallo experts,
I'am looking for 'best practice':

I start with a directory tree of 1200 folders containing 70.000 Tifs (b/w, 700 dpi, CCITTFAX4) and 70.000 text files associating the geo information. With a GDAL (FWTools) batch preprocessing I then create a seperate tree of 1200 folders with 70.000 real GeoTifs. The GeoTifs cover whole germany just like a spider's web - the GeoTifs are overlapping with white (transparent) borders.
For testing purposes I choose the geoserver image mosaic store and a few GeoTifs - mixing the geoserver  WMS / SLD (raster color) output with aerial images works fine!

The second goal is: every evening there are about 100-150 updated (or new) GeoTifs that should be deployed, too.

Now my questions:

1. Should I use the image mosaic store (I think I don't need an image pyramid)?
2. How could I update the geoserver store daily / weekly?

Any suggestions would be welcome,