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[Qgis-user] Opening GPX files

Gavin Treadgold
Hi all,

Now that I can open GPX files and have them display properly in the  
most recent preview (yay!) I have a usability question.

It seems strange to me that I have to go to the GPS Plugin to open  
GPX files. These are data files just like any other format, and I'd  
suggest that these should be handled like any other layer. The only  
functionality that really needs to exist in the GPS plugin itself is  
the ability to send/receive GPS data and babel conversion.

Many mapping applications now use GPX for storage and these files may  
never touch a GPS.

I guess what I'm suggesting is that GPX files should be able to be  
loaded by the "Add A Vector Layer" command. It seems that it is  
harder than it really needs to be to open a GPX file.

Cheers Gav

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