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QGIS conversion of .shp to .kml


When you use QGIS to save a shapefile as KML, the KML file attribute table has Name, description, timestamp, begin, end, altitudeMode, tessellate, extrude, visibility drawOrder, and icon fields.  Including these fields in the shape file fills these fields in the KML file, but it seems that the KML file itself stores everything but Name and description as SimpleData in a SimpleField.  The problem for me is that begin and end don’t activate the time slider bar when you open the KML file in GoogleEarth.  So, is there any way to get QGIS to produce this KML statement when converting a shape file to KML:

<TimeSpan> <begin>1950-01-01</begin> <end>1970-12-31</end> </TimeSpan>

I can do this by hand, but it would be great if QGIS would do it.  Thanks for any advice!

Mark Polczynski

Mark Polczynski

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