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[QGIS-ZA-user] QGIS User Group South Africa - 4th Meeting

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Good Morning All QGIS Users,

We are almost through the first third of 2018 and time flies, as always! I was so busy on the groundwater database and GIS for the Western Cape Government Water Business Continuity project that I could hardly find time for anything else. But I thought it is time for our next meeting early next month.

You are therefore hereby invited to join us in Mowbray/Cape Town and Midrand/Gauteng for our 4th User Group meeting. Please use the attached form or the Google form in your browser to register so that we know who will be attending. Please also indicate whether you want to present something, seeing that QGIS 3 has been launched and there should be plenty of topics to discuss new things and new/old problems and solutions. You are also encouraged to bring your laptop and show us what you are doing or what you are struggling with and maybe we can find solutions together.

I will send through a short programme before the weekend, once we know what presentations we can include. We are also trying to make it possible to get CPD points for the attendance of the User Group meeting without having to pay for the course registration.

Please also let me know what you think of the small version of the QGIS User Group South Africa logo and maybe even come up with a nicer one...I am not a designer after all!

So please hurry up and register! Looking forward to meeting you again

Immo Blecher
QGIS User Group South Africa - Meeting
Please indicate below whether you would like to attend our 4th South African QGIS User Group Meetings in Gauteng/Cape Town. Please do not register if you know now already that you will most probably not be able to make it. The organisation of these meetings takes a lot of time and effort which is dependent on the number of participants.

You are encouraged to bring your PC/laptop to demonstrate something you have done or to try and find answers to problems you encounter. See you all there!

    The new proposed QGIS User Group South Africa logo (short version) - Please comment on what you like and what not!

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