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[QGIS-ZA-user] QGIS South Africa User Group voting member: Result

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 The charter of the QGIS.ORG Association states that each QGIS country user group may democratically nominate one voting member who is entitled to vote on issues concerning the QGIS project. The charter defines a "voting member" as "any person who may vote on communal decisions made by the board."

Thank you for your attention to the calls for nominations and votes.  The candidate who received the largest number of votes from the user group is Mr Admire Nyakudya.  We thank him for this service to our community.  Please keep him apprised of your QGIS priorities by posting them to this forum and responding to his polls.

(for voting member polling group)

Chris Berens
GPr GISc #1308
+27 (0)82 567 9322

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