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[QGIS-ZA-user] PostGIS and QGIS courses coming up

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Hi all

A couple of FOSS GIS courses are around the corner:

Introduction to PostGIS 

 - 1-2 March in Stellenbosch. Next week!

Register at http://kartoza.com/en/shop/product/geospatial-data-in-postgis-1/

Introduction to QGIS

 - 14-16 March in Stellenbosch

Register at http://kartoza.com/en/shop/product/introduction-to-qgis/

See http://kartoza.com/training-courses for more course dates in Stellenbosch and Johannesburg. 

Talk to us if you need an on-site or custom course. 

Hope to see you there


Gavin Fleming - Joint MD - PrGISc [PGP1234]
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