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[QGIS-ZA-user] Next QGIS User Group Meeting - South Africa

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Good Afternoon Everybody,

This is a reminder to register for our next QGIS User Group meetings in Gauteng and the Cape. The meetings will be on the same day on 22 September, starting at 9:30 with registration.

We haven't had many participants offering to present something yet. Please consider showing anything you have done with QGIS or a project on a webserver or a plugin you have tried and it works or it doesn't.

But you could also create a small talk on where and how to get different data! Or maybe a tool you use to convert between different data and/or layers. Anything goes!

I will send out a preliminary agenda next week Monday. Until then!

Immo Blecher
QGIS User Group - South Africa
Please indicate below whether you would like to attend our 3rd South African QGIS User Group Meetings in Gauteng/Cape Town. Please do not register if you know now already that you will most probably not be able to make it. The organisation of these meetings takes a lot of time and effort which is dependent on the number of participants.

You are encouraged to bring your PC/laptop to demonstrate something you have done or to try and find answers to problems you encounter. See you all there!
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    Invitation to the 3rd QGIS User Group Meetings in Gauteng and Cape Town

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