QGIS Print Composer / Layout display unwanted labels on the North Pole

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QGIS Print Composer / Layout display unwanted labels on the North Pole

Karl Zinglersen-2
Working in the Arctic, I now and then produce maps covering the North Pole in a Polar Stereographic Projection, eg. EPSG 3996 or 3413.

In Print Composer - sorry: Layout - I add a grid to display longitude and latitude coordinates.
In Modify grid..., I use "Frame and annotations only" (as Solid lines are not correctly rendered being a bug for quite some years), CRS to EPSG:4326, Interval to X=20 (degrees) and Y=0.
I tick "Draw coordinates", choose "Decimal with suffix", choose "Show longitude only" and "Outside frame" for all and set Coordinate precision to 0.

Coordinates are nicely displayed along the edge of the map frame.

However, a bunch of coordinates in a big mess is also displayed on the North Pole, being inside the frame.

So far, I see it, I am not able to change any settings to get rid of this, so I would think it is a bug. It is not a new bug, but can be reproduced for the LTR version and previous versions.

Have I missed something, or can I file it the issue tracking system?

Karl Brix Zinglersen

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