QGIS Meeting in Chattanooga TN October 25th 2019

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QGIS Meeting in Chattanooga TN October 25th 2019

Randal Hale

Good Morning

It is with much relief and a little bit of sweat I am announcing the QGIS Meeting for October in Chattanooga TN.


October 25th 2019


Chattanooga State Technical Community College

Allbright Omniplex Building

4501 Amnicola Highway

Chattanooga TN 37406


We are seeking presentations on use cases centered around QGIS: Gov't, programming, humanitarian relief, health, etc. Presentations must center around QGIS and related software. If you're using QGIS with PostGIS - then that's easy - talk about PostGIS with a QGIS intro. Drones? We're easy - just make it tie into QGIS

Current Website:


There will be a more colorful website with more information coming very shortly.



Sponsorships are available for $100. I will scream your name out during the sessions. I will also try to include some information for attendees.

If the cost is too much email me and you might qualify for the QGIS Chattanooga Big Meeting Scholarship (Details Pending).



There has been some talk about workshops. Right now I have nothing scheduled but email me and I will figure out something to make that happen if people are excited enough to either hold or attend a workshop.

Accommodations if you are spending the night:

I'm working on some places to stay with discounts


Randal Hale
North River Geographic Systems, Inc
(423) 653-3611 

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