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Sorry for cross-posting to all lists but I think thats important for all

Hi to all!

So we're getting closer and closer to the next Hackfest!
I've been in Hotel Modul today and talked to them ..

For Paolo and all people wanting a room in Hotel Modul: The rooms are
bookable to the reduced price (88€ per person and night) with the CODE
"CAVALLINI" - And they are held back until 24th of August (thats rather
email: [hidden email]
If there are any problems contact: [hidden email] (thats the
person i talkde to - and she knows all)

Allthough Hotel modul is the very closest to our "Meeting point" at
university I personally think it's not so cheap - so I searched for a
cheaper one - and found one ..

For the people not so "rich" ;)


I where there - It seems to be ok.
They have 2 single rooms and 6 double room - with "first come -first
serve" - If you want a room there (its about 700m to university) write
to [hidden email]

(double room 55-69€ per night, single room 39€ per night - breakfast 5€)

If you have any problems contacting them you can write an email to me
(but I can't guarantee if theres still room left ;) )

Hope that mail will clearify all the missunderstandings from the past ..


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