[QGIS-Developer] Touch screen button: what determins it's availability?

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[QGIS-Developer] Touch screen button: what determins it's availability?

Richard Duivenvoorde
Hi Devs,

I've been working on windows machines without touch screens where I had
the little 'touch'-button next to the 'pan'-button.
I (think) I never had that button on my Linux builds earlier on.

BUT... now I have a laptop with a touch screen :-) AND I wanted to try
that button/touch-pan (in combi with super full screen :-) ).

But I cannot find a cmake prop to enable/disable it.

So question: what determines the availability of the touch tool?
I'm happy to test/fix stuff if I'm the first one who has this urge...
Any hint appreciated.


Richard Duivenvoorde
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