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[QGIS-Developer] Raster tiles flashing when panning

matt caswell
Hi All, 

Been having some issues when upgrading qgis. Initially sent a message to the users mailing list and was directed here. These issues also occur on the desktop application. I am running on ubuntu <a href="tel:&#43;441804">18.04.

Below is the initial email with the details. 

I am having some issues with a project I am working on. Recently upgraded qgis from 2.4 to 2.18 and the raster tiles I had used previously have became very slow to render and flash when panning. 

I have turned on multi core rendering and changed the map update interval which seems to set partial rendering of the tiles which has improved performance. But for new tiles that load they still flash white for a large amount of time. 

This is for a qt project written in c++ so hopefully this is the right place to ask questions. But if not if someone could point me in the right direction that would be awesome. Any help greatly appreciated! 

Many thanks, 


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