[QGIS-Developer] QGIS does not display raster maps from a GRASS mapset

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[QGIS-Developer] QGIS does not display raster maps from a GRASS mapset

Pedro Venâncio-2
Hi Veronica,

From your report, it seems that the data type has some influence in this issue.

I'm forwarding this thread to developer mailing list, as it seems more apropriate. 

Best regards,

Na(o) qui, 10/01/2019, 16:58, Veronica Andreo <[hidden email]> escreveu:
Hi Pedro and all,

Many thanks for your answers :)

El jue., 10 ene. 2019 a las 16:15, Pedro Venâncio (<[hidden email]>) escribió:
Hi Veronica,

This happens also in Windows platforms.

But if I open the raster layer properties and just do Ok, QGIS assumes a default color ramp and the raster shows up (see the attached gif). Can you confirm this also in Linux?

Yes, same behaviour in Linux with North Carolina sample data set; if I open the raster properties and click ok then, the map is displayed, otherwise invisible.
If I try with raster maps from any other mapset (modis ndvi products or landsat images), the trick does not work anymore and min and max are always the same no matter which map i try: Min 1.79769e+308, Max -1.79769e+308 (that's the order, I double checked).

So, it seems that QGIS 3.x is not interpreting GRASS color tables by default.

Seems so... nor the statistics of raster maps. And no error reported anywhere.

For the case of nc_climate location [0], on the other hand, some stats seems to be recognized, but the map is not displayed following your trick nor trying to classify and then hitting OK.

In QGIS 2.18.27, raster layers from GRASS Mapsets work without problems.

I don't know if it is somehow related, but using GRASS algorithms from QGIS Processing, when the outputs are rasters, the error message 6 from gdal is showed:

ERROR 6: SetColorTable() only supported for Byte or UInt16 bands in TIFF format.

I'll test and let you know

If you confirm this behaviour, please open a ticket at https://issues.qgis.org/projects/qgis/issues. Or let me know, and I will open it ASAP.

Thanks to you,


Veronica Andreo <[hidden email]> escreveu no dia terça, 8/01/2019 à(s) 14:49:

I'm trying to display a raster map I have in a GRASS mapset in QGIS interface and it is not rendered, indeed it is loaded but invisible. It seems QGIS recognizes the color palette from GRASS and all but the raster map is not displayed (vector maps are displayed correctly though). I tried with other raster maps from the same mapset, changing color palette, but nothing happens either, map is not displayed. I use QGIS 3.5 and GRASS GIS 7.4 in a fedora 28 box.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

ps: See a screenshot here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oGfVl-poy2tWL7Em6RwXu2TRkwAWMtW5 (otherwise my post does not go through)
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