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[QGIS-Developer] QGIS - Processing slow to load output layers

Hi all,

I'm experiencing some weird behavior of Processing (3.10 and master).

No matter if the output is a raster or vector, if the runtime of the
algorithm is long (say > 10 seconds) and the output is defined as a
temporary layer there are 2 strange things:

1. loading the output layer is extremely slow, way slower than the
runtime of the algorithm itself. And it doesn't matter if the output
layer is very heavy of very light

2. this happens mostly with raster files: even if the CRS of the input
layer is correctly defined and correctly read by QGIS, when the output
is loaded the CRS dialog appears and prompt for the CRS

Both issues don't happen if the layer is saved as a file and the
checkbox of "Open output file after running algorithm" in unchecked.

Somebody can confirm this?

Cheers and thanks

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