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[QGIS-Developer] PIP for plugins - Request for comments (QGIS grants)

Dear List,

I am planning to apply for the QGIS Grants with a proposal to support PIP dependencies for QGIS plugins.

The goal is to solve the difficulty for a QGIS plugin to depend on an existing python library. This results in QGIS plugins missing a lot of the great features offered by the many existing python libraries, or in trouble for users when using some plugins.

The proposal is described in more details in this QEP : https://github.com/qgis/QGIS-Enhancement-Proposals/issues/202

In two words :
- pip dependencies could be declared by plugins (to be determined if in metadata.txt or in requirements.txt, if you have a preference please comment on the QEP)
- upon installation, user would be asked if he/she wants to install them
- dependencies would be installed in a per-profile virtual environment, allowing to keep profiles isolated
- a new tab in the plugin manager would show the currently installed dependencies, and highlight potential conflicts if any.

I'd love to hear your ideas/opinions/comments so I can improve the proposal before submitting it (ideally on the QEP directly).

Kind regards,

Olivier (@opengis.ch)

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